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About this project

European Schoolnet is undertaking a major study sponsored by the Interactive Software Federation of Europe on the use of games in schools in Europe: video games, computer games, online games that run on consoles, computers, handhelds or mobile phones.

Photo credit: włodi

It aims to:

1. Define ‘games’ and assess their level and use in schools in Europe
2. Analyse the use of video games as a educational tool, drawing upon existing research
3. Scope a ‘critical video games education’, including identifying how to build up young people’s key competence of digital literacy (more critical and responsible in their video games use)
4. Build up a European community of teachers to share and disseminate their projects and experiences

If you are interested to know more about the project, please join the games mailing list. Periodic updates will be sent out about the results of this study.

For more information about this project, please contact Patricia Wastiau (patricia.wastiau@eun.org)