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Games in schools conference // concluding remarks

The day was concluded by John Dowell (University College London) and Patrice Chazerand (ISFE).

John Dowell remarked the report contains a set of recommendations that are very sound:

  • We need exemplars: i.e. how to integrate games in schools? Good practical examples are really inspiring and helpful for teachers to follow
  • Should we create a parallel curriculum for 21st century learning? Games can surely contribute. Perhaps on EU level, we need to build such a curriculum?

He concluded by raising the point that some argue from generation to generation that our intelligence is evolving and indeed rising. If this is true, intelligence is also evolving into different forms, such as games and may even be driven by this kind of popular culture.

gis_small2001.jpgPatrice Chazerand then ended the conference by remarking that it had been an educational and enlightening experience.

He pointed out: "No single project can answer these questions and Games in Schools is a great starting point."

He also issued a call for action, that participants should try to work together further in the future, and the European Commission Framework programme may provide such an opportunity.


For your attention : our work in "reseau Ludus" (in french).

Since many years, we try to develop games in classrooms, especially in history, and geography (classical games, boardgames and videogames).

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