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The Games in School Community of Practice Report now available

European Schoolnet is pleased to announce that The Games in Schools Community of Practice report is now available. The community's large number of 548 members attests to the topic's interest as it continues to enjoy a high profile. The report summarizes the discussions which took place between members of the community in the weeks leading up to the Games in School final conference on 5 May 2009 at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, where the results of the study How are digital games used in schools? (European Schoolnet, 2009) were launched. The topics covered were partly chosen in relation to the issues dealt with in Digital games in schools: A handbook for teachers (European Schoolnet, 2009), soon to be published. The topics included definitions, examples, benefits, and issues of concern related to games based learning. Other topics addressed were commercial of the shelf games versus bespoke educational games, and the existing evidence base and future of games based learning.

The Games in Schools community of practice was launched on a Ning platform on March 23rd 2009 and was moderated until May 8th 2009 by Derek Robertson, National Adviser for Emerging Technologies and Learning, from Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS). It set out to better understand the definition, implementation and future implications of this new pedagogical method, targeting particularly teachers (GBL users and non-users) but also researchers and other stakeholders. It is hoped these areas will continue to be explored through the still active community, and remain a central resource where interested parties can debate and share experiences to enhance European teaching and learning through the benefits of digital games.

To access the Games in Schools community of practice: http://gamesinschools.ning.com/

To download The Games in Schools Community of Practice report: Download file


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