May 27, 2010

Football-based learning games: now schools can play against each other

Harness children's interest in the World Cup by organising football-based competitions between classes using the popular and free Footee. With 50,000 users and numbers doubling every six months, Footee builds on football’s appeal to young people 6 to 12 and their love of games, competition and social networking to make learning maths, language, science, geography and history effective and fun.

Coinciding with the World Cup is a new feature, enabling children to pool the reward points earned playing games and a class can then run their own Footee team and take on other teams in the same or different countries. Users only see their own language which means, for example, that an English school class can take on a Spanish one and each sees it in their own language. This motivates the children to try harder so the whole class / team can benefit.

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